I decided that I would write a post this week on a slightly lighter topic. So on that note, here are tips for spotting a homeschooler:


1.Are wearing the latest fashion, if we still lived in 1990s

2.Are interested in history, politics, obscure fantasy (not Harry Potter because witchcraft), sewing, baking, and/or living in the 1940s

3.Have the entirety of the Princess Bride memorized

giphy (5).gif

4. Have  dressed up as a Bible character for Halloween

5.Carry around a copy of the constitution and/or the Bible

6.Are  more comfortable talking with a 40 year old than a 14 year old

7.Only now have Facebook

8.Will accost you with a discussion on politics and/or predestination

9.They actually know what predestination is


10.Are  more likely to know the Weird Al version of a song than the original

11.Are more likely to watch blockbusters from the 1950s than the ones from last month

12.Have fast forwarded through the kissing scene in most movies

13.Either have all of the Disney movies memorized or think all of Disney is evil

14.Would  constantly role play Lord of The Rings if they didn’t think role playing was evil

15.Either think this list is hilarious or are already writing 95 Theses arguing against it

If they fall into anyone one of these categories, you might have found yourself a homeschooler! Congratulations! It can be hard to find a homeschooler in the wild.


 A wild homeschooler appears! You use pop culture reference. It was super effective!


Note: Obviously this post is meant to be taken in good fun. 90% of this list has applied or does apply to me and the other homeschoolers that I know, but I recognize that everyone has different experiences. /necessary disclaimer. 

*Header image used with permission from bengtham on Flickr