Well guys, I did it. I threw my written words out to the literary wolves of the world and waited in anticipation for their response.

Do you like my literary wolves?                                                …                Sorry it was late and I  thought they were funny

For the Creative Non-Fiction class I took this summer (the same class that birthed this blog) I wrote a short essay about writing. The intention of the assignment was to prompt us to write something that we could then submit at the end of the class for publication. The essay, which I had titled for class “Can I Write Outside Academia,” discussed my fear about writing anything that didn’t stay within the safe bubble of the classroom. That essay remained safely hidden away in my computer for many weeks until I finally submitted it. Don’t worry, the irony that my first published work just happened to be on how I haven’t been brave enough to write anything for publication is not lost on me. But it happened. They accepted it and published it and it turned out better than expected.

Everyone had such positive feedback and I felt so lucky to have that as my first experience sharing the words I had hidden for so long. Thank you to everyone who read it and commented on it. Even just looking at the number of people who “liked” it on the site was exhilarating. To know that that many people spent time to read something I wrote is amazing. So thank you for that.  If you haven’t already read the full Brevity post that I made, you can do so here.

So what’s next? Obviously, apart from instantly finishing a novel, publishing it, and becoming world famous for my brilliant prose. I don’t know. I know that I want to write; that is why I am continuing to post on this blog despite the demanding hours of my grad program, and I would love to write as a career. But I also love to teach. I enjoy working with my English comp students and engaging with people face to face instead of hiding behind a computer screen. I also want to travel and make a difference in other countries around the world. So maybe the future will hold some combination of those three. Or maybe it holds something completely different. I have about eight months until I graduate. Eight months to figure out what the next chapter of my life will hold. That thought isn’t terrifying at all.